Videos sale heifers Vente La Brasserie 2024

The videos of the sale heifers which are selling at the Vente La Brasserie 2024 are now online availble! Direct daughters of cows like: Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-97, Decrausaz Iron O'Kalibra EX-97, Luck-E Advent Asia *RC EX-94, Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97, KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 will be for sale! This ONLINE Sale can be attended through WWW.AUCTION.GENETICS-SALE.CH and will run from Thursday June 6 till Friday June 7.


La Brasserie Holstein Online Sale 2024
Thursday June 6 - Friday June 7, 2024
Bréal Sous Montfort, France

Lot 01. Budjon LB Sublime


Lot 02. JK DG O'Kina Red

Lot 03. JB Toullec Alskko Red

Lot 04. Idee LB Lyana

Lot 06. Duckett LB Frosty

Lot 07. Uriana Vray


Lot 08. Joli Guezel Angelika *RC

Lot 09. Mox Lambda Elenore

Lot 10. Wilt Agrovie P *RC

Lot 11. Perle Kiss

Lot 11. JB Toullec Aschty

Lot 14. Perle Axel P

Lot 15. LB Univers

Lot 17. SHA Sosexy Red

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La Brasserie Holstein
La Douettée
Bréal-sous-Montfort, France

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