Ms DG Delta Bridgett VG-86-USA her BUNGALOW embryos are selling

16. November 2018 It’s your chance to grab the first position in the GTPI / Net Merit breeding with the very first and very exclusive embryos sired by Mr. Ri-Val-Re Free BILLY & Denovo GLITZ! FREE BILLY is THE component specialist right now with +0.26%F & +0.10%P resulting in >200 Fat + Protein and a Feed Efficiency index going through the roof at FE +291, he transmits an almost negative stature and has a NM of $ 1061! These embryos are from a Flaghip dtr - Buoy is one of the highest Flagship daughters in the breed and stands for +0.16% Fat, +0.09% Protein, SCE 5.5%, PL +7.2 and SCS 2.64. She goes back on the All-American & All-Canadian successful show cow Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA. GLITZ is the bull who is giving you everything you’re looking for! From GLITZ are embryos available by the #1 gTPI Red Carrier in the States: Ms DG Delta Bridgett VG-86-USA! This cow has a huge production index of +2011 Milk & +0.04% Fat. She also admits sloped rums with a rump angle of +0.87 and not to tall cows with +1.48 stature. Bridgett is the full sister to Delta Blake and goes also back to Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA. This all summarized in one sentence: get your shot with these incredible components sires and bid last tonight! Click further for the link to the sale.   Mehr lesen

16. November 2018 The Online Embryo Sale has almost come to her end. Today at 9:00 P.M. (Dutch-Time) the sale will close. 23 embryo packages are selling in all price ranges. There is something for everybody with Jersey, Wagyu, R&W, SHOW & GTPI embryos! One of the finest consingments is Lot 1. embryos from Al-Lew Monterey Ashley VG-88-USA La1., the mother of the GTPI +2920 / PTAT +2.90 Aristocrat (Sold for $ 620.000)! Also embryos with PA DGV-Conformation +20, early FREE BILLY embryos (>200 lbs Fat + Protein / 1061 $ NM), embryos from the #1 RC GTPI cow in the USA, embryos from the mother of DG CHARLEY @ ABS and HERDBUILDER embryo packages starting at only EUR 150 / embryo are selling! Don't miss out this special auction. Click further for more information.   Mehr lesen

16. November 2018 During the EuroTier this week in Hannover, Germany the champions of the All-German competion were selected. At this competion all the Holsteins from Germany, Austria and Luxembourg could participate. Loh TJ Alessja, the 2-Yr Old Champion of the Schau der Besten this year, was chosen as ALL-GERMAN 2-Yr Old! Alessja is owned by  J. Lohmöller, T. Melbaum, M. Blais & Nosbisch Holsteins. She is an Armani grand daughter of Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94-USA. This family delivered many great show cows and the well-known RED show sires: Adonis-Red @ Semex and Awesome-Red @ ST. This years GRAND All-German was the famous Modest daughter Lady Gaga EX-97-DE owned by Henrik Wille & Friedrich Köster. She won the championship for the fourth time in a row! Congratulations to all the winners! Click further to find out more.   Mehr lesen

Grand dam Broeklander Joan 78: DG Bomb Queengirl VG-85-NL

15. November 2018 In the newest intermediate run of November 2018 we find two interesting heifers! De Oosterhof Imax Glory came out with a whopping score of +2810 gTPI and Broeklander Joan 78 (s. Kennedy) with +2797 gTPI! Imax Glory comes from a exclusive family in Europe: the Brigeen Aer Gwyneth EX-93-USA family! She notes >2800 gTPI in combination with 952 Net Merit and >2.0 UDC! Her dam is the former #2 Denver in Europe & former top 25 gTPI in Europe. This family already deliverd the sires Engage and Glamour @ Jetstream. On the other side Broeklander Joan 78 is out of the NH Massey Queengirl VG-85-NL family! Queengirl her fist son sold for € 92.000! Joan her dam is a former high ranking Jedi dtr with still +2649 gTPI and +2.25 PTAT. Broeklander Joan 78 herself notes +2797 gTPI also in combination with >2.0 UDC! She also has huge health traits: 2.79 SCS / +3.7 DPR / +6.0 SCE. Click further to find out more about these chart toppers!!   Mehr lesen

Jordy Desire

15. November 2018 Last week Jordy Desire arrived at her newest destiny: JK Eder Holsteins! They purchased her at the Masterrind Exclusive Auktion in Lingen. This fancy Jordy-Red convinces every body with a lot of show style and great pedigree. She is a grand daughter of the HM. Senior Champion R&W World Dairy Expo '11: Budjon-Nitzy Destiny-Red EX-94-USA and has 6 generations EXCELLENT dams in a row. This family traces back to Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96-USA: the GRAND Champion World Dairy Expo 2005, Unaminous All-American 5yr. Old '05, Res. All-American 125,000 lb Cow '07 and more! Desire has a great future in front of her with this amazing pedigree. She is a maternal sister to Destiny Red VG-87-DE, the Res. Intermediate Champion BZT Show '17 & 2nd place in class @ RUW Show '17! Click further for more info.   Mehr lesen

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