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24 de junio de 2024 S.J.K. 1498 has been pictured recently. This amazing 2yr. old, sired by Genosource Captain, is recently classified with VG-85-NL 2yr. and VG-88 for her Mammary System. She notes in her US-index still +3133 GTPI with +1178 NM$, +1.35 PTAT with huge milkproduction traits: +1381kgM with +0.24% Fat and +0.05% Protein and amazing health traits: +0.6 DPR, +5.8 PL and 1.8% SCE. She is dam to a +3127 GTPI / +1064 NM$ / +1.89 PTAT In Our World son, who will be soon available through the AI-Total Portfolio. S.J.K 1498 VG-85-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. her daughters, sired by Raiton, Holysmokes, Welcome in our World, Parfect and Zoar are all testing >3025 GTPI and her 3 sons testing >3110 GTPI. A promising family tracing back to the famous Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88-USA. Click further for more info.   Leer más

24 de junio de 2024 An amazing Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale result: Batouwe Mirand Alnika P Red! This Red & White Mirand PP *RC daughter became last weekend 2yr. old champion at the first edition of the National Red & White show. Alnika P Red is sold as embryo through the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale to Batouwe Holsteins and sold as heifer through the Schouten & Partners Holstein Sale 2022 to KOEster. She is a Mirand PP *RC grand daughter to the Royal Winter Fair Classwinner: Deslacs Talent Alyana Red EX-92-CAN EX-95-MS 2E and great grand daughter of the 2007 Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair Toronto: Parile Kite Alicia EX-90-CAN! Alnika P Red her dam, Declas New Alicia Red VG-89-NL 2yr. will be in flush program soon, reservations for embryos can be made now! Click further for more info.   Leer más

21 de junio de 2024 Duckett Parfect Hallie raised recently her score to VG-87-USA as 2yr. old! She is the #1 GTPI daughter of the $1.925.000 Cow and EX-96 scored: S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784 EX-96-USA! Duckett Parfect Hallie VG-87-USA 2yr. is dam to Esquire son Duckett Esquire Hunter @ AI-Total. He notes in his US-index +2988 GTPI with +1.92 PTAT, +2179kgM, great health traits (+0.3 DPR / 2.73 SCS / 2.1% SCE), A2A2 / BB and a balanced type index with a right hind linear. 4th dam to Duckett Parfect Hallie VG-87-USA 2yr. the tremendous broodcow Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88-USA DOM! The Halo VG-88-USA family delivered many successful progeny, like DG Palenka. She is a Charl daughter and dam to a +3148 GTPI Captain son at Inseme. Continue reading..   Leer más

20 de junio de 2024 Saturday June the 22th 2024 is the first edition of the National R&W Show taking place in Mariënheem, the Netherlands. Eurogenes members, Giessen Holsteins, Retraitehoeve Holsteins and Roubos Holsteins take part in this show. One of the cows who will entering the colored shavings is the 9 years old Pitbull daughter Giessen Cecibell 8. She produced in 6 lactations >103.000kgM with 4.7% Fat and 3.6% Protein! Click further for the link to the livestream.   Leer más

20 de junio de 2024 MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94-USA her legacy continues with delivering the new Grand Champion Ascol '24: Rey AM HT PL Haniko Adenis. Adenis is a direct Haniko daughter from the Jr. Champion Swiss Expo 2020: H.Tobias Solomon Adena VG-87-ES 2yr. This Solomon daughter is a grand daughter of Archrival's full sister Flora Atwood Adele VG-86-ES 2yr. and great-grand daughter of Shottle daughter Bolleholster Anya VG-87-NL 2yr. backed by the MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94-USA 2E DOM family. Click further to read more.   Leer más

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