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20 septembre 2017 Only a month until the German Masters Sale 2017 which will be held on Friday, the 20st of October 2017! The catalogue for the sale counts >160 lots with something for everybody! >35 FRESH cows, great show heifers, huge index heifers for GTPI & RZG and more!! Order your FREE catalogue now which will be send out early October!! Click further for a link and for a flyer with some examples of the animals selling!   En Lire Plus

19 septembre 2017 This Friday, September 22 2017, a new edition of the Online Elite Bull Sale will take place. This edition will feature interesting lots. Amongst them: the #1 GTPI Charas son with almost 2800 GTPI! A 900 NM $, high milk & SCE 5.6 Montana son, a complete and RZG +156 / GTPI +2776 Bourbon son with haplotypes free out of the Broeks Betty line, a 1st Choice R&W Chancellor son from one of Delta's highest: MS DG-TM Delta Bridget *RC, tracing back to Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 & many more!   En Lire Plus

15 septembre 2017 It are the final hours of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. The sale will end tonight at 09:00 PM (Dutch time). UNIQUE opportunities are selling such as: RC embryos out of a DOORMAN dtr out of Ms Goldwyn Alana EX-96-CAN: Res. Grand Champion @ Royal & 2nd 5-Yr. @ Madison, Exclusive Female UNIX embryos, huge index potential from the Lidia's: PA-TPI +2718!! and many more!   En Lire Plus

15 septembre 2017 RZH Enya-Red of Diamond Genetics & Rijnhof Holsteins (bred by RZH Holsteins, Germany) has achieved a unique performance yesterday at the French National Show, the SPACE 2017! She won the Res. Intermediate Championship between in the very strong B&W competition! A performance which has never often seen before in a National Show!! Enya has the complete package as a R&W Ladd P from Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara EX-92 - going back on the oldest World Dairy Expo Grand Champion in the history: Rainyrige Tony Beauty EX-CAN! Click futher for her pictures and more info. 
A special credit for her former owners Mr. Valentin Boulet & Drakkar Holsteins for developing this great cow!   En Lire Plus

14 septembre 2017 The National Show in France, the SPACE 2017 has started, it will be a very exciting show the whole day in Rennes Thursday, September the 14th. Follow the show live here!   En Lire Plus

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