Top 10 RZG Females in Europe! (04/22)

This week we'll introduce a new Top 10! This time is it a Top 10 with RZG females in Europe based on the German index and is now available on Eurogenes! Wilder Holsteins has a lot of influence in this list. The #1 RZG female in Europe is AltaZazzle daughter WEH Royal at +163 RZG, she has a shared first spot with Adaway daughter DED Whisper. On the second spot we find Elegance, she is a Veelhorst DG Casino daughter at +162 RZG in combination with +130 RZE! Making the Top 3 complete with SPH Italia, a Gladius daughter at +161 RZG. On the 7th spot we find Wilder 23637. She is a Manhattan daughter, owned by Wilder Holsteins with +161 RZG. She has also +2815 GTPI with +1.53 PAT.

Top 10 RZG females in Europe (04/22) -- CLICK HERE -- for the complete ranking

#7 RZG female in Europe: Wilder 23637 (PEDIGREE)
Manhattan x Wilder Fin GP-84-DE 2yr. (s. Humblenkind) x Wilder Fun VG-85-DE 2yr. (s. Jedi)
DE 04/22 RZE +128 / RZM +142 / RZG +161

#10 RZG female in Europe: Wilder Fortun (PEDIGREE)
AltaZazzle x Wilder Fire (s. Aristocrat) x Wilder Freestyle (s. Imax) x Comfort Modesty Freespirit VG-85-USA
DE 04/22 RZE +129 / RZM +152 / RZG +160

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Wilder Holsteins
Crosewick 28
Vreden, Germany
Phone: +49(0)15146245204
Email: nobert.holtkamp@gmail.com

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