The Adeen EX-94 family delivers Grand Champion Ascol '24

MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94-USA her legacy continues with delivering the new Grand Champion Ascol '24: Rey AM HT PL Haniko Adenis. Adenis is a direct Haniko daughter from the Jr. Champion Swiss Expo 2020: H.Tobias Solomon Adena VG-87-ES 2yr. This Solomon daughter is a grand daughter of Archrival's full sister Flora Atwood Adele VG-86-ES 2yr. and great-grand daughter of Shottle daughter Bolleholster Anya VG-87-NL 2yr. backed by the MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94-USA 2E DOM family.


Photo credits: Swiss Expo, Wolfhard Schulze ©

Rey AM HT PL Haniko Adenis
Haniko x H.Tobias Solomon Adena VG-87-ES 2yr. (s. Solomon) x H.Tobias McCutchen Adene VG-86-ES 2yr. (s. McCutchen)

  • Grand Champion Ascol 2024

Dam: H.Tobias AM Solomon Adena
Solomon x H.Tobias AM McCutchen Adane VG-86-ES 2yr. x Flora Atwood Adele VG-86-ES 2yr. x Bolleholster Anya VG-87-NL 2yr.

  • Junior Champion Swiss Expo 2020

3rd dam: Flora Atwood Adele VG-86-ES 2yr.
Atwood x Bolleholster Shottle Anya VG-87-NL 2yr.

  • Former top 10 PTAT Cow in Europe
  • Full sister to the former #1 PTAT sire: Eclipse Atwoods ARCHRIVAL @ ST-Genetics

Sister to 3rd dam: Flora Atwood Adeena VG-87-ES 2yr.
2.04 351d 10.360kgM 4.3% 444F 3.5% 359P

  • Full sister to Eclipse Atwoods ARCHRIVAL!! - the global type sensation!!
  • Full sister is grand dam to: H.Tobias AM Solomon Adena - Junior Champion Swiss Expo 2020
  • Dam to the former #2 PTAT & #3 PTAT Females (>9 monthts) in Europe!! December 2018
  • Full sister to Flora Atwood Adele VG-86-ES 2yr., dam to the #1 PTAT Heifer from 12/15 run


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