Sheepster dtrs have a lot of influence in the intermediate run!

Eurogenes is definetely the place to be to be and stay tuned about the latest index releases in Europe and World Wide. Today we'll bring you the July 2024 intermediate run with several new tested females. This new July 2024 index bring us a lot of daughters sired by the interesting Trooper son at +3126 GTPI and +1203 NM$: Ocd Trooper Sheepster! The #1 GTPI female is an Outreach daughter at +3211 GTPI, she is also the #9 NM$ female in this intermediate run at +1194 NM$. Follwed at the second spot in the GTPI ranking is another Outreach daughter at +3203 GTPI from the United Kingdom. At the third spot we find Beerzedal HiPo Shp Emily, she is a Sheepster daughter at +3195 GTPI in combination with +1111NM$ and +1.83 PTAT. Her dam is full sister to the topseller of the German Masters Sale 2022: Beerzedal HiPo Pfct Emma, sold for 60.000 EUR! Furthermore at the 9th spot we find the very complete DG Petronellie at +3167 GTPI in combination with +3.08 PTAT! This makes her by far the #1 PTAT in this top 25 with GTPI females! She is a Roztac daughter and great granddaughter to Siemers Lmda Paris EX-91-USA, the dam to Siemers Rngd PARFECT!

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#3 GTPI: Beerzedal HiPo Shp Emily (PEDIGREE)

US 07/24 GTPI +3195 / NM $ 1111 / PTAT +1.83
Sheepster x Beerzedal HiPo Emelda (s. Parfect) x Progenesis Challen Embrace VG-87-CAN 4yr. (s. Challenger)

#9 GTPI: DG Petronellie (PEDIGREE)
US 07/24 GTPI +3167 / NM $ 979 / PTAT +3.08
Roztac x DG Plum (s. Lambeau) x Siemers Town Paris 32582 (s. Town)

Drakkar Cherry (PEDIGREE)
US 07/24 GTPI +3128 / NM $ 1189 / PTAT +1.21
Holysmokes x DGF Cantara (s. Captain) x DGF Clem GP-84-FR 2yr. (s. Charl)

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Drakkar Holsteins / DG France
Ferme de Beauchamp
Gonneville Sur Honfleur, France
Phone: +33 (0)679961625
Web Site: http://www.eurogenes.com/drakkar
Email: jan.vdo@diamond-genetics.fr

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Beerzedal Holsteins
Broekeindsedijk 10
Oost-West-Middelbeers, Netherlands
5091 KL
Phone: +31 (0) 629265900
Web Site: http://www.eurogenes.com/beerzedal
Email: beerzedaldieker@outlook.com

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Diamond Genetics
Wijhe, Netherlands
8131 PK
Phone: +31 (0)570 589900
Web Site: http://www.diamondgenetics.nl
Email: info@diamond-genetics.nl

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