New pictures & videos lots Vente de La Brasserie

Some new pictures and videos are made for the Vente de La Brasserie. Which will be held tommorow in Plomelin, France. The sale starts at 14:00 / 2:00 P.M. Don't miss it out!  You can bid and follow the auction live @ livedairyauction.com


Fresh 2yr. Olds selling in the Vente de La Brasserie!

Lot 2: Capj Obaya (Stantons CHIEF x Capj Maelou VG-86-FR VG-88-MS x family Capj Irana EX-91-FR)

Lot 13: Rapidbay-UK Shakira (Response x Rapidbay-UK Reward JG Shakira VG-85-UK)


Lot 15: Doorman x Pierstein Dempsey Rubiette EX-90-CAN (s. Dempsey) x Pierstein Talent Ruby VG-88-CAN x Thrulane James Rose EX-97-CAN

Lot 17: Jordy-Red x ALH Atwood Ace VG-87-USA 2yr. x Ms Talent Applicious Red EX-92-USA x APPLE-RED EX-96-USA


Lot 21: Drakkar Hot Manon (Peak HOTLINE x Madona Du Bois Pins x Jaia Du Bois Pins VG-87-FR 2yr.)

Lot 23: Drakkar Hot Balerina (Peak HOLTINE x DKR Balison (s. Silver) x DKR Baylone VG-85-FR 3yr.)

Lot 24: Chief x JB Toullec Yorick Roxy VG-88-FR x JB Toullec Roy Roxy VG-88-FR

Lot 25: NOVO x JB Toullec Dempsey Roxy VG-89-FR (1st and Best Udder SIA '18) x JB Toullec Roy Roxy VG-88-FR

Lot 27: Brokaw x Eastside Lewisdale Missy VG-88-CAN x Stadacone Outside Abel VG-88-CAN
--> same family as Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-CAN

Lot 28: GOLDWYN x Pierstein Dundee Gabriela EX-91-CAN x Kingsway Leduc Gabriel EX-93

Lot 39: DG Charley x Capj Lizia VG-85-FR x Capj Irone VG-88-FR


Lot 40: Farnear Apples IMAC *RC x Drakkar Betty VG-88-FR x Ord Byonce VG-87-FR

--> same family as Drakkar Bulona EX-91-FR

Lot 41: Ginary DODGE x Drakkar Betty VG-88-FR x Ord Byonce VG-87-FR


Lot 43: Toc-Farm FITZ x AGH India VG-87-FR (s. Lauthority) x Gen-I-Beq Baxter Berthe EX-90-CAN


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