New leaders in the Dutch female index!

Today is it time for the Dutch gNVI indexes of the black&white and red&white females in Europe. Topping the B&W gNVI female index is a Fast Lane daughter at +406 gNVI in combination with +105 Type! She is followed by another Fast Lane daughter at +383 gNVI and +107 Type. Making the stage complete with Flagstone daughter Jeltje 169 at +367 gNVI, she has a shared 3rd place with antoher Flagstone daughter. Furthermore at the 7th spot we find Monteverdi daughter DG Berdine from the Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie family at +358 gNVI. At the 15th spot we find WW Hazel at +349 gNVI. She is owned by Bouw Holsteins and out of Copyright daughter History GP-84-DE 2yr. out of Benz daughter RR Hypnotic. For a Warren P *RC and a Endless *RC daughter a shared first place in the R&W gNVI index at +358 gNVI. We find at the 20th spot Freestyle-Red daughter: Bouw Freestyle Remi at +332 gNVI, followed by OH Shirley-Red, owned by Diamond Genetics, at +330 gNVI and 3STAR Aika Red, owned by Bouw Holsteins at +329 gNVI.

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#7 B&W gNVI female: DG Berdine (PEDIGREE)
NL 04/23 Type +102 / NVI +358
Monteverdi x DG Bell (s. Rave) x DG Bella Donna (s. Hotspot P)

#15 B&W gNVI female: WW Hazel (PEDIGREE)
NL 04/23 Type +99 / NVI +349
Sunrise x History GP-84-DE 2yr. (s. Copyright) x RR Hypnotic (s. Benz)

#39 B&W gNVI female: Beeze Oldleus Myrna (PEDIGREE)
NL 04/23 Type +103 / NVI +328
Gladius x Beeze Oldleus Mabel VG-85-NL 2yr. (s. Crown) x Veelhorst Vekis Melody VG-87-NL 2yr. (s. Gymnast)

#41 B&W gNVI female: DG Jacosta (PEDIGREE)
US 04/23 GTPI +3015 / NM $ 1094 / PTAT +0.76 
NL 04/23 Type +102 / NVI +331
Captain x Paeẞens Jezebel VG-86-NL 2yr. (s. Redrock Klutch) x Simple-Dreams PH RUW Cookie VG-85-DE 2yr. (s. Kerrigan)

#20 R&W gNVI female: Bouw Freestyle Remi Red (PEDIGREE)
NL 04/23 Type +104 / NVI +332
Freestyle-Red x Sanderij Riva's Smile 1 Red (s. Jacuzzi-Red) x Sanderij Riva's Smile *RC GP-83-NL (s. Riverboy *RC)

#20 R&W gNVI female: 3STAR Aika-Red (PEDIGREE)
NL 04/23 Type +110 / NVI +329
Ranger-Red x Batouwe WM Aimee *RC (s. Mark) x Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red VG-85-NL 2yr. 

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Email: martienvanderkamp@gmail.com

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