FINAL hours Christmas @ Genesland Sale - BID NOW!

It are the final hours of the CHRISTMAS @ GENESLAND ONLINE TAG+ SALE.  Several lots already sold, but there are still some very exciting lots open for sale, visit the sale website now to place your bids! 



Sale ends     Friday, 29. December, 21:00 PM (CET)

Online Catalogue & Online Bidding:     
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Pictures Sale Heifers:     Click here
More pictures can be requested though info@eurogenes.nl


A few examples of lot selling this sale:


Lot 1. Col DG Moxy 2

Lot 2. Col Cleary PP

Lot 3. Col DG Libel

Lot 4. Col DG Yolante

Lot 7. Col Opal

Lot 8. Col DG Olei

Lot 9. Col Carrymount

Lot 10. Col DG Cylon

Lot 11. Col Carmelita


Lot 12. Col DG Cynthia

Lot 13. Col DG Olalu

Lot 14. Col DG Carrypop

Lot 15. Col DG Lovely

Lot 16. Col DG Lovely P

Lot 17. Col Calinka

Lot 18. Col DG Lina

Lot 19. Col California

Lot 20. Col DG Olla


Lot 21. Col DG Cleryn

Lot 22. Col Carmenia

Lot 23. Col DG Clava

Lot 24. Col DG Minni

Lot 25. Col NH Jilly Red

Lot 26. Col DG Gracia


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