Cinderella's produced #1 bull in Spain and Italy!!

The Giessen Cinderella's is a great branch of the Roxy family, developed through Durham Cinderella VG-89-NL at Giessen Holsteins. Through different branches spreaded around the world, the Cinderella's are getting a huge influance in the Holstein breed with for example the #1 bull in Spain (CIDERMAN), #1 bull in Italy (CLAPTON) and the #2 Conformation Snowman son in Canada (CONTROL). Embryos are selling out of the greatest next generation of Cinderella's! Including SEXED embryos!

LOT 9. SEXED BRAXTON x JK Eder Atwood Cinderella
Atwood Cinderella has PTAT +3.81 and her first tested dtr from Meridian is the #2 PTAT heifer in Europe with PTAT +4.19! Tremendous type combination with SEXED Bradnick embryos, combine the BARBIE'S on the ATLEE'S on the ROXY'S! Could it be any better?

Lot 14. DOORMAN x Giessen Cinderella 22 VG-NL 2yr.
Cindrella 22 is the mother of the current #1 PFT bull in Italy CLAPTON, she combined with the current #1 international PFT bull DOORMAN will make a tremendous combination to make the new top ranking bull or female on Italian base.

#1 PFT bull in Italy
Hunter x Giessen Bolton Cinderella 15
Doorman embryos are selling from Cinderella 15!! DOORMAN is the #1 international PFT bull in the breed!

#1 GICO bull in Spain
Snowman x Giessen Cinderella 20 VG-87-NL 2yr.
Embryos selling from Ciderman's Atwood sister: CLICK HERE

JK Eder-I Control
The #2 Conformation Snowman son in Canada

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