1st Part snapshot pictures sale heifers GERMAN MASTERS SALE!

Just 1 day until the German Masters Sale 2018 which will take place on Friday, October the 19th 2018 (Fließem, Germany - online through www.livedairyauction.com) - the quality in this year's sale is incredible! Here the 1st part of snapshot pictures available of the sale heifers! 





Friday, October the 19th

Livestream & online bidding: www.livedairyauction.com 

1st part of snapshot pictures - more pictures will be follow until the sale
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Lot 10. Islandpride Riverdane Agronaut Zo
GTPI +2854 / NM $ 970! 2nd highest heifer ever sold in a European Sale

Lot 11. DG Blake  (barn snapshot)
✔ Top 10 Net Merit calf in Europe!!!
✔ #1 GTPI Frazzled dtr in Europe!!
✔ #1 Net Merit Frazzled dtr in Europe!!
✔ Highest NET MERIT calf from the overall 8/18 ranking in a European sale!

Lot 16. AH Mission Delight Pp *RC
150 RZG RC & POLLED heifer - 131 Udders!

Lot 17. AH Mission Daylight PP
HOMOZYGOUS POLLED heifer with 153 RZG - +74 kg Protein! SELLS with embryo contracts!

Lot 19. Golden-Oaks Ivanka Red B
JORDY RED x Un. All-American Sr. 2-Yr. Old '16 x 10 generations EXCELLENT cows

Lot 25. Liddlehome Beemer Rockstar
BEEMER x 7 generations of EXCELLENT Roxy's



Lot 40. ViG Lina-Rae
Kenosha x VG-88-DE VG-88-MS Damion x Gloryland Lana Rae EX-94-USA

Lot 41. Wedgwood Sid Glamourgirl
Sid x VG-89-CAN 2yr. Windbrook x VG-CAN 2yr. Goldwyn x Gloryland Liberty Rae EX-96-USA

Lot 52. WIT Delfi
One of the best European Jersey cow families - mulitple generations huge components: 5%F / 4%P

Lot 60. AM Redstream Tally Red
Redstream going back on RES. GRAND WDE '10 & HM. Royal '09 & All-American R&W Sr. 2yr. old

Lot 63. Schwartz Ode Red
JACOT RED going back on Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96-USA

Lot 64. November '17 Dempsey x VG-86-DE 2yr. Durahm x 14 generations EXCELLENT

Lot 65. HAM Beemer Spotty
From 3 generations EXCELLENT Spottie's - both Fux Spotlight EX-95 & DT Derry Spottie EX-93-DE in the pedigree


Lot 72. NH Callen Insane
CALLEN going back on the European Int. Champion of '10: M.E. Dal Stormatic Ilma EX-95-IT

Lot 73. Budjon-Vail Supra
Grand dt of Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-96-USA

Lot 74. HH Jordy Jamaika *RC
RED CARRIER JORDY grand dtr of Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH - European & Swiss Expo Champion

Lot 75. Mox Alabama
ATWOOD x EX-91 x EX-96 x EX-96 - Tri-Day Ashlyn!!!


Lot 85. NH Awesome Dancing Red
Incredible Awesome Red dtr going back on Budjone Redmarker Desire EX-96-USA (Madison Grand Champion)

Lot 107. MS Highlife *RC
Avalanche!!!! (not available in Europe and very HOT) - grand dtr of Starmark-Ad Hotstuff-Red EX-94-USA
    .. Res. Grand R&W Madison '12


Lot 112. Old-Mill Soreia
Ready to show & flush!!

Lot 114. KNS Mara Red
152 RZG STYX / RZE 133 x deep German cow family


Lot 117. NH Sunview Bubba Monaco
GTPI +2760 / DPR +4.8 / +0.07%P / SCE 6.6 / UDC +2.16!!!!


Lot 119. R Adeen 1
High PTAT heifer going MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94-USA


Lot 149. Schwartz Nora Red
Incredible R&W grand dtr of La Waebera Glacier Oceanie EX-94-CH - >100.000 kg lifetime & 1st @ Swiss Expo

Lot 154. Gödeker Hazel
Fantastic heifer! Chief dtr from Hirondelle EX-91-DE EX-93-MS (Int. Champion National Show & Schau der Besten '17)


Friday, October the 19th 2018
Fließem, Germany


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