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USA | Top 25 PTAT Cows (>2 years) - 04/22

April 2022
1GEN BIBIANHaniko x Undenied x CrushCol DG Brylin25624.19720Diamond Genetics (NL)
2JBTOULLEC RANIKOHaniko x Millennium x DempseyJB Toullex Hot Cherry23424.01854GAEC Toullex (FR)
3LB LUSTERCrushabull x Solomon x GoldwynBosdale Gold Luster21293.90-296La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
4GRILLE CRUSHA ADEN 1337 FIV ECrushabull x Solomon x AtwoodBolleholster Shottle Anya21043.89-397Grille Holsteins (ESP)
5NH DOC FUNDoc x Monterey x AltaOakNH Oak Faithlove26493.811650Drakkar Holsteins (FR)
6RIS 02598Crushtime x Beemer x DoormanMorsan Miss Heroic20363.80-514Rising Star Holsteins (LUX)
7ALL CAST CRUSHTIME FANCYCrushtime x Solomon x BrokawAll Cast Laramee Samba19173.80645All. Cast Holsteins (IT)
8ROCCA 3STAR ADNAWarrior-Red x Jordy-Red x ArchrivalHC Archrival Arianne19793.79-540Roccafarm Holsteins & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
9EBA OLIVIADoc x AltaSuperstar x KingboyEBA Heazy26033.77546GAEC Brilland / EBA Holsteins (FR)
10ALL.MULINO 447Doc x MontereyItalian family25783.771131Italian Owned
11HOSWE000535422032Crushtime x Solomon x AtwoodJK DG Esmeralda19913.75-108Swedish Owned
12AMAZONE-ETCrushabull x Monterey x MogulAl-Lew Monterey Ashley23843.74199N. Pedrini (CH)
13BALAZEIRO UNDENIED 1784Undenied x Crush x BeemerSilvermaple Damion Camomile19443.7411Balazeiro Holsteins (PT)
14BEEZE OLDLEUS FAMECrushtime x Delight x BeemerHPH Shottle Malmo19803.73-429Beeze Holsteins (NL)
15PRETTYHaniko x DoormanFrance family23233.71211France owned
16ARGH FUDGEDelight x Beemer x DeltaHPH Shottle Malmo17933.71-102C.Worm (DK)
17GEN BRESTDoc x Crush x MogulCol DG Brylin26223.69471Diamond Genetics (NL)
18K&L KD WISHFULLDoc x Solomon x BrokawSiemers Brkw Whipcream23523.69477Diamond Genetics (NL)
19CRUSHTIME-ARIEL 8808Doc x Solomon x ArchrivalBVK Atwood Arianna23373.68800German Owned
20MS KD DASSANIDoc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red21793.67560P. Arnold (LUX)
21VIG ANGELIAUpgrade x Emilio x DoormanMS Kingstead Chief Adeen19933.67-474German Owned
22BWN CAMILLAThunder Storm x Undenied x ArchrivalSilvermaple Damion Camomile19353.67-169BWN Holsteins
23WILTOR KING DOC APPLE-ETDoc x Doorman x AtwoodKHW Regiment Apple-Red23953.64985Cirio Agricola SRL (IT)
24MD WEST-VIEW BELLACrushabull x Doorman x GoldwynRosiers Blexy Goldwyn20943.64365German Owned
25AK ELSE 781Doc x Brady x DoormanCarf Emeraude24923.631100ZEG Holsteins (DE)


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