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Top 25 GTPI Proven Bulls

April 2013
1LADYS-MANOR PL SHAKIRA-ET Planet x Shottle x Mandel Debut8724438393.49Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen@De-Su Holsteins, LLC
2ROYLANE SHOT MINDY 2079-ET Shottle x Oman x Manat8624097922.87CMV Melwood MindyBuschur Dairy Farms, Inc.
3LADYS-MANOR DORCY ODADorcy x Auden x Outside8623897563.06Ladys-Manor Delightful Jem@My Ladys Manor Farm
4LARCREST CRIMSON-ET Ramos x Shottle x Outside9123847413.15Larcrest Juror Chanel@Larcrest Holsteins
5LADYS-MANOR DORCY AMIRADorcy x Planet x Goldwyn8623727682.90Ladys-Manor Autumn@My Ladys Manor Farm
6LARCREST CASE-ETS Planet x Ramos x Shottle8623698152.68Larcrest Juror ChanelDiamond Genetics
7LARCREST CAKE-ETSuper x Shottle x Outside8623466883.09Larcrest Juror Chanel@Sandy-Valley Farms
8COOKIECUTTER MOM HALO-ET Man-O-Man x Goldwyn x Champion8823386563.33Snow-N Denises DelliaPhillip Wilson, Kyle M. Gett
9WEBB-VUE GABOR MYCALA-ETGabor x Baxter x Goldwyn8723306963.22Burket-Falls KL SabrinaRobert A. Webb
10CLEAR-ECHO M-O-M 2150-ETMan-O-Man x Ramos x Hershel8723206083.49Clear-Echo Hershl D-Rac 822@De-Su Holsteins, LLC
11BEN-AKERS PLANET LUISE26-ET Planet x Jose x Ramos8523198192.45Ricecrest Luke Lisa@De-Su Holsteins, LLC
12STRAUSSDALE PLANET ELLA Planet x Shottle x Spike8723107263.01Brandts Encore EdithStraussdale Holsteins LLC
13SULLY PLANET MONTANA-ET Planet x Shottle x Oman8623026493.08Sully Shottle May@De-Su Holsteins, LLC
14AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA-ET Planet x Shottle x Oman8723027012.69Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy@Seagull Bay Dairy
15RICKLAND FREDDIE 3509-ETFreddie x Shottle x Outside8322986752.96Oakfield Outside BrynnGreg Rickert
16VISION-GEN SH FRD A12276-ETFreddie x Jet Stream x Outside8622986812.89Morningview Converse JudyOakfield Corners Dairy
17DE-SU 9955-ETFreddie x Boliver x Addison8522977052.48Neu-Way Patron Allie@De-Su Holsteins, LLC
18LADYS-MANOR PL SHANDRA-ET Planet x Shottle x Mandel Debut8722857023.21Ladys-Manor Ruby JenJoel Krall & Tim Crouse
19NEWELL KRAMER 1571Kramer x Pronto x Best8322807041.66Newell 548 BestKen Newell
20MS M-P SEQUOIA LILLY-ET Sequoia x Bolton x Shottle8522797342.00M-Pondhill Shottle Lana@Pond Hill Dairy
21LARCREST CHENOA-ETSPlanet x Ramos x Shottle8722776992.66Larcrest Juror Chanel@Larcrest Holsteins
22LARCREST CHIMA-ETSPlanet x Ramos x Shottle8822757002.63Larcrest Juror Chanel@Larcrest Holsteins
23MS WELCOME MM LULITA CRI-ETMan-O-Man x Shottle x Magna8522746343.01Welcome Blackstar LassGenesis Cooperative Herd
24SYNERGY PLANET PASSION-ET Planet x Oman x Outside8622737022.61Walkup Bell Lou EttaSynergy Farm LLC
25PINE-TREE FREDDIE ALEXA-ETFreddie x Boliver x Zack8522736982.44Jafral Prelude Prissy@Pine Tree Dairy


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